Frame Corner Protectors (made from 100% recycled material)

Our range of Corner frame protectors are fast becoming the industry norm for use in-house, for transport and for on-site. Manufactured in an extremely tough material which is 100% recycled, these protectors help damage prevention to frame corners.

A new patented 70mm Inspection Corner Protector (U.K. Patent 2 559 053) is available that not only covers a larger than normal area of the frame corner it also has a slot to inspect the weld quality without being removed. Along with it’s rigid low profile, sidewall protection and almost unique two fixing holes this protector is a boon for anyone wanting the utmost protection for their frames.

Size (mm) Part Number
30mm Corner Protector 40307
40mm Corner Protector 40308
60mm Corner Protector 40225
70mm Corner Protector

70mm Inspection

Corner Protector



130mm Corner Protector 40342

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