Run Up Blocks

Run up Blocks or Riser Blocks are available for the following systems. Please click on the enquire box to send a request directly to our sales team (or call 01295 269333)
Compatible with Part No.
Duraflex flush sash 0303
Duraflex 0328
Eurocell 0275
Eurocell EuroLogik 0298
Kommerling 0303
LB Sheerframe 0264
Liniar 0315
Plastmo 62mm 0274
Plastmo 72mm 0278
Profile 22 clip in 0198
Rehau S706 0359
Rehau Tritec clip in 0235
Spectus Elite BM01 0281
Spectus Elite BM12 0285
Veka Matrix screw in 0187
Veka M70 0298
WHS Halo Rustique & System 10 0331

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