3D Printed Tooling and Rapid Aluminium Tooling


Here at Plastic Parts Direct we never stand still. We now have an exciting new offering being launched shortly that will open up a whole new world of opportunities for both us and our customers.

So many of our prospective clients only want or need a small batch of mouldings but they have to be injection mouldings to cope with their end use or be correct for trials and testing.

However, the cost of producing full tooling to facilitate this often results in the projects being put on ice because of the apparent high initial cost for just a small amount of product, this puts a lot of clients off.

Well, not anymore. We are now able to 3D print tooling for appropriate parts and for those parts that aren’t compatible with this process we offer Rapid Aluminium tooling which has the added benefit of lasting many years for repeat work if required. Both these processes utilise our own universal mould bases so the customer only need buy the cavity plates and thus save themselves a lot of money over the conventional purchase of full tools.

So, if you have a new project where you need a small batch of injection mouldings but thought the tooling cost would be prohibitive please get in touch and we’ll show you why this service is so good.